How Deep Does it Cut?

How Deep Does it Cut?

Unpresidented times call for edgy, uncomfortable measures. 


You came here today likely expecting a bit of technical advise, a word of expertise, or at least a small jewel of knowledge applicable to a time-proven trade. Fair word of warning: it's not that. With much on my mind I find myself having less to say, and more inclination to point you to someone who could say what I might, but with more clarity of mind and certainly more miles of experience behind him.


Before I simply pass you off to someone else, I do have this as s preface:

We are told that words are cheap. Sticks and stones, broken bones, and all that... yet we are all shaped and steered, to varying degrees, by the words of others, most notably, by our parents. Words can bring health or harm; boldness or belittling. Many of us unknowingly bear wordscars. Some of us are still nursing open lacerations of a recent toungelashing. Any married men out there know what I mean?


These are sore spots most of us are not proud of, but which often become part of our being. Most members of our strange human species, tend to hide, or at least disguise, our wounds - those areas of weakness or pain which cause fear, anger, and sometimes shame. Strength comes by being open and real; being honest about our pain and it's sources. 

Please make the time to listen to this. It's right at two hours, but try to think of it as a psycho-massage. Relax. Set the playback to 1.25X if you're short on time, but please soak up what you can. This is a solid dose of healing needed by many, heeded by few. 


Here's bonus material for the road, shop, or field

Go become someone great! 

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