Yerg Tools was founded by Miles Yergenson, woodworker, artist, and son of the late Bruce "Yergy" Yergenson (legacy, moral beacon, loving father, and original creator of some Yerg Tool products); and James Thomas, internationally-awarded industrial designer, engineer, and product developer.

Bruce YergensonMiles operated a millwork/casework installation business for over twenty years, having been taught wood craft by his father from a young age. He has developed working samples of numerous tools, fixtures, and jigs; as well as many unique installation methods and techniques.

James was the lead design engineer for Ross Reels & Able Reels, highly respected outdoor sports brands, where he received numerous international awards for his designs and contributing innovations in the industry

Nearly twenty years of friendship and collaboration between Miles and James has produced many concepts, some of which are available here in this store. These products are brought to you as a way of sharing the value Miles and James have created over the years.

All products you see on this site were once simple, home-made devices used to enhance work and productivity on a small, individual scale. They are now on the world marketplace to positively impact the lives of trade professionals on a large scale.