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Open to Change?



I'm going to break out straight away and ask a somewhat menacing question: How many of you order the same comforting item off the same safe menu from the same familiar restaurant, not because you "know what you like", but because, deep down, you are scared to try anything new from anywhere new? What's driving that? Be honest. We won't judge too harshly. 

In fairness, we all have our habits and comforts. In fact, I have recently found myself ordering the same honey latte for over two months. Yes, I enjoy them, but after a moment of reflection, I find myself on autopilot. Is it really what I want or is that me just falling into mindlessness and sloth? At some point, these comforts and routines can cause us to become stiff and rigid. There is so much richness in the world to experience. Why do we tether ourselves with such a short cord; to such a limited set of options? 


Let's ponder this a bit, shall we? 

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