Skrȳb Product Guide

Learn how to use and care for your Yerg Tool!
Yerg Tools Skrȳb Rosewood scribe tool in hand
Your Yerg Skrȳb is a precision machined instrument, requiring care and maintenance.
To extend the life of your Rosewood Skrȳb, please keep it stored in a dry place.  Damp conditions may cause swelling and cracking of the wood. Cleaning your Rosewood Skrȳb is as simple as wiping it with a damp cloth, and/or treating it with wood wax or your favorite finishing oil.
If you purchased an aluminum Skrȳb, your care requirements are nearly zero! The movement of the pivoting arms should be smooth, even under full tightness. If the rotation begins to get rough or scratchy, apply a drop of oil to the interfacing bodies, and allow the oil to penetrate into the pivot.