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Yerg Tools

Yerg Tools Skrȳb - Rosewood Scribe Tool

Yerg Tools Skrȳb - Rosewood Scribe Tool

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Introducing the Yerg Skrȳb, scribe tool. 

Rosewood Scribe (skryb)

Nearly 30 years ago, Bruce Yergenson, a legacy Danish woodcrafts-man, found himself with few good options to trace contours of one surface onto a cut piece. After many long hours and scrapping many failed experiments, the Yerg Skrȳb was born. Offering comfortable contours, rigid construction, precise movement, ease of use, and elegance in hand that no other scribe tool offers. Whether you're fitting molding to masonry, baseboard to undulating floors, shelves into non square corners, or paneling in your camper van, THIS is the Scribe Tool (Skrȳb) for you!

With the Yerg Tools Skrȳb your profile scribing hassles are over! No more wondering if the $5 plastic pencil sleeve will do the job, or if you should have gone with that funky thing that looks like a pocket-sized robotic arm. We have all found ourselves with few remaining expletives - approaching the verge of tears - as we meticulously cope molding around masonry with make-shift means. After countless trips to the work-stand, and not a little anguish and self-searching, we settle on calling it "good enough". The pursuit of excellence has ended in compromise.

Some, being desperate, have adventurously resorted to shifty plastic wares with obtrusive knobs and proprietary graphite, requiring two-handed manipulation of an awkward, unsightly implement more at home in a Soviet-era workshop than in the hands of a master, such as yourself.


  • Weighs only 158g (5.6 oz)
  • Stainless steel stylus is extendable, retractable, & reversible for high versatility. Use as a scribe, a compass, or offset gauge.
  • Variable tension for easy singlehanded adjustments
  • Precision-machined to +/- .002" (.05mm) for smooth, exact movement.
  • 105° angled stylus point allows for precise translating of difficult-to-reach surfaces
  • Made of sustainably-sourced Rosewood and stainless steel components. Stiff arms offering near-zero deflection without loss of adjustment
  • The included HB artist pencil is a US-made round (replacements available), which can be quickly swapped for any common pencil, some mechanical pencils, colored pencil, carbide-tipped scribe pens, and even standard hobby knives (some third-party marking tools may not fit).
  • Best-in-class limited lifetime warranty


Generations after you will appreciate both the quality of your craft and this tool handed down to them.

* These Skrȳb bodies are made of un-finished natural wood. Changes of temperature and/or humidity may cause the wood parts to change size (shrink/swell) or even warp, causing slight misalignment, which is not covered under warranty.

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